The American is preparing to fly on a self-made missile in the hope of proving that the Earth is flat

The Californian, convinced that the Earth is flat, hopes to prove that his theory is correct, and is preparing to fly into the atmosphere on the rocket that he designed in his garage.

“Mad” Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old chauffeur, spent the last few years and $ 20,000 to build his own missile and build a launch pad.

The eccentric told that he was collecting scrap metal to build a steam rocket, and the launch pad was built from an old trailer.

The launch of the missile, scheduled for today, on November 25, 2017 in the town of Emba, was to be Hughes’ first attempt to prove that the Earth is not spherical in shape.

“Only idiots do not fear death,” he said in an interview. “Of course, I’m scared, but all people are mortal, in the end. I like to do unusual things that no one else can do, but nobody in the history of mankind has designed, built or started himself in his own rocket. ”

“I feel like in a reality show,” he added.

It was planned that the rocket, the launch of which is sponsored by the Flat Earth Society, will rise to a height of approximately 1600 meters and reach a maximum speed of 805 kilometers per hour.

Once in the atmosphere, Hughes planned to open two parachutes and descend to the ground.

“I do not believe in science,” he said. “I know enough about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how objects travel through the air, the size of rocket nozzles and thrust. But this is not science, it’s just a formula. There is no difference between science and science fiction. ”

After the flight, Hughes plans to run for governor of California. He also wants to build another missile that will take him to space, from where he can photograph (flat) the Earth.

The self-taught designer told that he is already working on the project “Rockoon” – a rocket that delivers into the atmosphere a balloon filled with gas, after which a detachment will take place. Hughes hopes that “Rockoon” will raise it to a height of 109 kilometers.

In the past, Hughes was already trying to make a “flight” into space – in January 2014 in Winckelmann, Arizona, he carried out the first such trick, climbing to a height of several hundred meters.

His attempt was to be broadcasted on the YouTube channel. The daredevil stated that he does not want to have live viewers when launching his rocket, since it can be unsafe.

However, Hughes’ plans have not yet come true. The US State and Public Land Bureau did not give permission to launch the rocket from the public area, although a year ago he gave him an oral permit.

However, our hero is determined to still fulfill his dream – albeit not this time.

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