The ancient city of Toricos: a dwelling house dating back to the 9th century B.C. was discovered

Archaeologists from the Universities of Göttingen and Ghent continue to excavate the ancient city of Toricos in Central Greece. Their latest discovery is the remains of a dwelling house dating back to the ninth century B.C. It is the first such house found in Attica.

Toricos is known for its silver deposits and monuments from different eras. There are Mycenaean tombs, remains of settlements from the Archaic and Classical eras, and an impressively sized theater that held several thousand people.

In 2019, archaeologists uncovered a corner of the wall that was first mistaken for part of a funerary structure from the Classical period. However, further excavations revealed that they were facing the ruins of a building that consisted of five or six rooms. The recently excavated building contained cereal grinders, suggesting that it was a dwelling house. Researchers believe it was in use between about 950 and 825 BC.

This discovery is important for understanding the life of the ancient Greeks in this region. According to Johannes Bergemann, who participated in the excavations, it shows that Toricos was inhabited long before it became known for its silver deposits.

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