The ancient grave of the Vikings found during the repair of the bedroom

The family of Marianne Christiansen living in the Bodø commune became the author of an unusual find of archaeological value – during the repair of a bedroom in their house, the Norwegians accidentally found a Viking grave at least 1000 years old.

As the mistress of the house explained to TV2, they started a renovation and decided to insulate the bedroom. To do this, it was necessary to open the floor, under which a pile of stones and a certain shiny object were revealed. Since the house stood intact since 1914, the owners decided to find out what the find could be.

Analysis of piled stones made it possible to find among them glass beads, which attracted the attention of the owners of the house, as well as a steel ax. The Norwegians turned to the Nurland County Administration, which is responsible for the historical heritage and invited archaeologists to study the find – experts from the Tromsø Museum, visiting the house, determined that there was a Viking grave under the bedroom floor.

Archaeologist Martinus Hauglide emphasized that this is a burial site of at least 1000 years old. All discovered objects date back to about the 10th century and the period when the Norse Vikings ended and the history of the united Christian kingdom began. The findings were transferred to the University of Tromsø for further study.

It is not reported whether the Kristiansen family was allowed to continue the renovation of the house – according to the legislation of Norway, any detected manifestations of human activity under the age of 1537 automatically turn into the status of monuments protected by the state.

Recall, it became known earlier that in June 2020, archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research will begin excavations on the ship Gjellestad. It was discovered in 2018 and is only half a meter below the surface of the earth on a farm in County Estall, Norway. The vessel is approximately 20 meters long and approximately 1200 years old, although dating is still approximate.

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