The ancient legends of the Lardil people of Australia

One of Australia’s most enigmatic and understudied peoples, the Lardil, may harbor the oldest tale that has survived to this day. Researcher and geographer Patrick Nunn has suggested that a legend passed down from generation to generation among these people may be one of the oldest tales known to modern humankind.

In the 1970s, artist Dick Rowsey, a member of the Lardil people, published a collection of legends he had heard from his ancestors. The book, entitled “The Moon and the Rainbow”, mentions an interesting fact – the existence of a land route that connected the Australian mainland to the Wesley Islands. The Ice Age divided these lands, making the sea an insurmountable obstacle.

One of the most fascinating legends tells of a courageous man who forced the sea to rise in the path of his wives who sought to escape him. As a result, the water separated Kangaroo Island from Australia, and the women became little Page Islands. Amazingly, these events described in the legend took place more than 10,000 years ago.

Nunn and his colleagues conducted a thorough study of Australian legends and found about 30 descriptions that correspond to ancient events. This aroused the interest of scientists and specialists from different fields, who tried to unravel the mystery of these legends and find out how much they correspond to real historical events.

However, despite the fact that lardil legends may be ancient tales, it should be remembered that they have been passed on by word of mouth for many generations. In the process of passing on information, there may have been distortion of facts and the addition of mythological elements. Therefore, one should be careful when interpreting these legends and use additional sources of information to confirm or refute the antiquity and authenticity of the events described in them.

The research of geographer Patrick Nunn and his colleagues is an important step in the study of the history of Australian legends. They allow us to look into the distant past and try to unravel the mysteries of ancient events. However, further research and analysis of the legends, as well as comparison with other historical and archaeological data, is required to fully unravel this mystery.

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