The Arctic is equipped with a world archive

Given the concerns about storage and protection of information, the only safe place to store rare texts, historically significant documents and priceless digital data can be a vault in a remote Norwegian archipelago buried under a layer of permafrost.

The World Arctic Archives is located in the same abandoned coal mine, in the same village, on the same windswept island as the World Seminar, which holds about half a billion seeds. If the world dies from a cataclysm – radioactive fallout, electromagnetic radiation, rising sea level, a solar storm, a zombie epidemic – seeds for the birth of a new civilization will be safe in the underground storage of the Doomsday. The place is equally remote from the continental Norway and the North Pole and is located near the town of Longyearbyen.

The World Arctic Archives will not allow the destruction of the most important information of mankind in any catastrophe. It is underground in a frozen sandstone mountain in a long-closed mine. The data will remain dry, even if the ice caps of the Arctic are melting. The contents of the archive are protected from cyberattacks.

The repository was opened at the end of last month, and it already contains documents and information from three countries – Brazil, Mexico and, of course, Norway.

Mexico transferred to the repository a constitution, a declaration of independence and other documents of historical and cultural significance. Brazil has archived the constitutional documents, a copy of the law on the prohibition of slavery and photographs of the city of Brasilia.

The contents of the World Arctic Archive will be preserved if not forever, then 500-1000 years. The data is stored on an analog film that is photosensitive and unalterable. And this means that no one can change the archive information.

Here’s how it works: the country downloads text, images, audio or video to the Piql server. This information is transferred to a special film, which is designed to withstand wear. Then it is placed in a safe box and in a reinforced storage. While the Internet and the server are working, the information will be available for searching online. On request, the data can be obtained in digital form or transmitted in a solid format.

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