The artificial intelligence will determine malfunction of the car by its noise

For certain many of you observed more than once a situation when the driver of the car listens to the car and tells something in the spirit of “pancake, apparently, something with the motor” though on your hearing a sound absolutely routine. Some experienced employees of auto repair shops can define malfunction even by someone else’s machines. Generally, the artificial intelligence from the Israeli company 3DSignals will be engaged in similar. The AI system created by them using the principles of deep machine studying listens attentively to the sounds made by mechanisms and looks for in them signs of the arising malfunctions.

(Whether it be the engine of the car or the assembly conveyor) specialists of the company 3DSignals install ultrasonic microphones which are capable to record acoustic vibrations in the range from nearly 0 to 100 kHz on the necessary equipment. The data collected by these microphones are transferred to a cloud service where the sites of global neuronic network which are expressly allocated for this purpose are engaged in their processing. At a deviation of fluctuations from normal indexes the system reveals possible type of malfunction and reports about it to the owner.

The analysis of noise by means of AI

Now 3DSignals already cooperates with a number of the companies of sector of the heavy industry and conducts negotiations with the firms planning to develop in the future networks of self-governed taxi robots. According to one of founders 3DSignals Yaira Lavi,

“The passenger of such taxi never even will think of technical condition of the car. In that case the car has to be able to define existence of prerequisites to emergence of malfunction and in time to arrive to repair shop where it will undergo the corresponding upkeep, and our company will give such opportunity to all clients irrespective of in what corner of the globe they are, and from the number of cars in their vehicle fleet”.

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