The battle of a lioness with a buffalo

Visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa filmed a video of a buffalo attack on a sleeping lioness.

The guide of the park Batabile Shakwane, who witnessed this scene, told that, passing by the car past a herd of buffaloes, she noticed a female lion sleeping in the bushes at a short distance from it. At some point a predator saw one of the cloven-hoofed animals. After a few seconds he went to the unsuspecting lioness.

Noticing the impending danger, the predator rose and tried to escape, but it was evident that she was severely depleted. Apparently, realizing that the lioness will not be able to resist him, the buffalo rushed at her, horned him and threw him into the air, and then hastily retreated to a safe distance.

Shakwane suggested that the female lion was expelled from the pride and could not successfully hunt alone. Although the buffalo, apparently, did not cause her serious injuries, the future fate of the predator, most likely, will be sad, she believes.

“This video is somewhat tragic, but the scene itself was magnificent, because you will not see it every day,” Shakwane said.

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