The beaches of Florida were covered with a carpet of snails

A billion snails have captured a popular beach in Florida. Everywhere on the beach of St. Pete, there is enough eye, – a brown carpet of tiny mollusks. The dream of a lover of exotic dishes! Snails are also seen on the beach of Fort de Soto.

The video was taken by a nature lover Michael McCarthy last weekend, when the largest clam in the sandy beach came out.

Vacationers often meet these miniature creatures in the San Francisco Bay area, but not in such huge quantities.

It is not yet clear why the snails decided to get out on the coast, but the spectacle, no doubt, worthy of viewing.

Beaches quite often become a platform for migration or temporary stay of marine inhabitants. So, in September a beach in Thailand was filled with fiery jellyfish with red, stinging tentacles. And in April, an attack on the Cuban Bay of Pigs carried out millions of small land crabs.

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