The best inventions of 2016

The list of the most impressive inventions of 2016 made Time log. Here the most technological of them are selected 15 — these development already changed the world, became a part of the present and future.

Incarnate fantasy

The ideas of many inventions which were included into the Time list are borrowed from fantastic works. For example, independently lacing up Nike sneakers showed in the movie “Back in the Future”, and demonstration of their operation became one of the most high points of a pattern.

Readers are already familiar with some devices of the future. So, the levitating lamp of Flyte debuted on KickStarter. The roof from solar panels was personally provided by the founder of Tesla Elon Musk. What to tell about the Playstation of VR or Apple AirPods!

1. The levitating lamp of Flyte consists of a support and a light source. In a support and the base – powerful electromagnets which provide implementation of effect of a levitation. Energy is transferred to a bulb without wires due to creation of an electromagnetic field. Costs 349 dollars (22,6 thousand rubles).


2. The roof from the solar Tesla panels by sight doesn’t differ from normal. Tesla offers on a choice four different coverings – a slate tile, the textured glass, a glossy glass tile and a tile in the Tuscan style.


3. Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 sneakers are laced up due to use of the unusual mechanism. It is enough to user to activate a sensor foot pressure, and laces will drag on automatically. It is possible to regulate lacing force by means of special buttons. There are sneakers of 720 dollars (46,5 thousand rubles).


4. We send to the virtual reality of the Playstation of VR – a gadget which opens absolutely new horizons for acquaintance to the world of digital technologies. The device is compatible to Playstation consoles 4 and Playstation 4 Pro, costs 400 dollars (the official price in Russia – 34 990 rubles).


5. The alarm clock of Hello Sense determines temperature, humidity, illuminance and quality of air indoors, and also tracks dream cycles to provide optimum time of awakening of the owner. There is a device from 149 dollars (9,6 thousand rubles).


6. The buses Eagle 360 developed by the famous vendor of Goodyear can move in any directions – not only forward and back, but also sideways. They “work” due to use of a magnetic levitation. The concept looks unusually, in the long term will allow to execute interesting maneuvres and in critical situations precisely it is useful.


7. The Quip toothbrush vibrates each 30 seconds to remind the user that it is necessary to switch to cleaning of other zone of a tooth alignment. The device is designed to help to brush teeth correctly. There is a smart toothbrush from 25 dollars (1,6 thousand rubles).


8. Dyson Supersonic due to the lack of the bladed fan inside only bears a faint resemblance to the traditional hair dryer. The device controls temperature of the given air and once a second measures it to save hair from undesirable impact of too hot air. And it practically doesn’t rustle. Dyson Supersonic costs 399 dollars (25,8 thousand rubles).


9. The DJI Mavic Pro drone – the most compact model in a line of the producer. Its main advantages – a folding design and the 4K-camera. The UAV can gather speed to 65 km/h, and reservoir of the accumulator will last approximately for 27 minutes of flight or for overcoming a distance in 13 km. The three-axial stabilizer is used to receipt of smoother picture. There is a drone 999 dollars (64,6 thousand rubles).


10. Arc InstaTemp – the thermometer which will take temperature, without touching a body. Measurement takes 2,5 seconds, value is displayed on the large screen, and the safety indicator – green (normal temperature), yellow (raised) or red lights up (it is necessary to take urgently measures to bring down it). The price of the regular version of the device – 40 dollars (2,6 thousand rubles).


11. Minimed 670g – the artificial pancreas developed by the Medtronic company. It will save patients with diabetes from need to regularly do insulin injections. Measuring hormone level in blood each five minutes, she throws out the necessary amount of insulin in blood. Sales of the device will start in 2017.


12. The Tiangong-2 station developed by the Chinese National Space Agency carries the unofficial name “Paradise Palace”. Installation 10 m long and 4 m wide will become a space laboratory: here will place a peculiar gym and devices for a measure definition of work of an organism.


13. The artificial limb of a hand of IKO developed by Carlos Arturo Torres will allow to return to the child the lost extremity. Feature of an artificial limb – game additions which give to the child the chance to feel this superhero. By the way, it is compatible to LEGO.


14. The smart bracelet of UNICEF Kid Power Band costs only 40 dollars (2,6 thousand rubles), but it it is difficult to revaluate importance. First, the bracelet forces children to move more – for it in a mobile application it charges points. Secondly, directed money from sale of a bracelet of UNICEF to support of the people dying of hunger – it already allowed to salvage more than 30 thousand inhabitants of the planet.


15. Wireless Apple AirPods earphones didn’t come even to the market, however feedbacks of people which has the luck to test them, are complete of enthusiasm and a positive. The most unusual earphones in the world will cost 12 990 rubles.


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