The brain is capable to restore memoirs

Long time was considered that it is possible to keep memoirs in brains only if the corresponding neurons were active. However now, seemingly, it has become clear that it not always so, and it can help very much those who suffer short-term loss of memory. Scientists have found out that stimulation of a brain weak categories of electricity (in particular, an impulse of transkranialny magnetic stimulation) can recover recent memoirs. Our mind can slow down short-term memoirs up to their inactive state where they are in the background, but are ready to return, when necessary.

This method can’t be applied to long-term loss of memory (for this purpose there are other technicians) so don’t wait for return of children’s memoirs after a couple of categories. However these results have to improve our understanding of how the brain works — already became clear that our memory is more difficult, than was considered. And in the long term it can lead to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other frustration when restoration of short-term memoirs could improve quality of life of the patient considerably.

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