The British have been warned of millions of rats that will come to their homes

The closure of pubs and restaurants due to a lockdown in the UK will lead to millions of hungry rats trying to enter people’s homes. Writes about this Mirror.

The coming cold will also provoke the search for shelter and food for rodents, the article says.

“Rats and mice do not hibernate and are a problem all year round,” said Natalie Bungey, a specialist at the British Pest Control Association.

She noted that these rodents are adaptable and will not miss the chance to find a warm place to winter.

Over the past month, most of the pest control services in the UK reported an increase in the number of household requests for help in the fight against rats, the newspaper writes.

The main concern is that rats can spread Weil’s disease and other diseases.

Many of them “mutate” and become immune to poisons and grow up to a foot (approximately 30 cm) in length, the article says.

The British Pest Management Association advised residents of the country not to stockpile food at Christmas, as this could attract rodents. To counter the threat of contamination, the British have been urged to throw waste into the bin and seal it as soon as possible.

The association also recommended checking the house for cracks or holes in the walls and pipes. They warned the British against storing food in outbuildings and garages, since food is much less protected from rodents in these areas.

For families in self-isolation due to the coronavirus, experts have recommended the use of special rodent traps. However, they should be placed in safe places so as not to harm family members and pets.

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