The burgers are cooked by a robot

In San Francisco, USA, a restaurant will soon open in which a robot is engaged in cooking burgers.

In the near future in San Francisco will open restaurant Creator, in which instead of cooks will work robot, engaged in the preparation of burgers, transfers TechCrunch. The robot is a machine that uses 20 computers, 350 sensors and 50 actuators and independently performs almost everything that is necessary for cooking – from cutting bread rolls and vegetables and ending with the addition of spices and hot cutlets. Such a burger will cost six dollars – which, as noted, is quite inexpensive for the United States (similar burgers – with high-quality ingredients – usually cost more).

Of course, staff-people in Creator will still be. They will change the ingredients, take orders and deliver them to customers.

Creator, reportedly since June 27 will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and a full-fledged opening of the restaurant will be held in September.

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