The cause of bad breath from the mouth can be mutations in the genes

An unpleasant smell from the mouth can be caused by genetic mutations, an international research team, which included employees from the scientific centers of the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom and Portugal, found out. The results of the study are published on the MedicalXpress portal.

Scientists point out that there are two types of halitosis (the term for a bad smell in the oral cavity – Ed.): Intraoral and extraoral. Extraoral, that is extraoral, halitosis is not associated with problems in the oral cavity, and its origin was previously not completely understandable.

Participants in the study group found that the second type of halitosis is due to mutations in the SELENBP1 gene and is associated with a low protein content in the genetic material.

The researchers studied the indices of five patients with bad smell from the mouth. In their urine, a high content of sulfur-containing substances of methanthiol and dimethyl sulfide was found, and in the cells of connective tissue – a low level of protein due to mutations in SELENBP1.

“Mutations in SELENBP1 cause extraoral galithosis and cause a new congenital metabolic error,” experts concluded.

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