The Chinese suggested building an underwater HyperLoop

Preliminary calculations carried out by the China Railway Transport Institute showed that the construction of the underwater branch of the vacuum tunnel by the Hyperloop principle is quite feasible for Chinese specialists. The main thing is to first develop, build and assemble all the necessary equipment and infrastructure. The proposed project of a 10-kilometer underwater high-speed tunnel assumes the possibility of getting from the mainland to Taiwan in just 13 minutes.

Probably, the Chinese engineers also liked the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIlona Mask, who offered such a technology earlier, so they decided to evaluate their own strengths. The proposed vacuum ten-kilometer tunnel, located under the water, can become one of the components of the transport branch, the total length of which will be about 180 kilometers.

This tunnel will significantly reduce travel time and will open new opportunities for cargo delivery to hard-to-reach areas of Zhejiang Province, because the speed of the transport capsule moving inside the vacuum tunnel is theoretically capable of reaching 2000 kilometers per hour.

While this is just a project created by specialists on paper, but if the Chinese decide that the matter will burn out, they can very quickly move from words to deeds. Who knows, maybe, they will have the first real Hyperloop?

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