The company Snapchat has released smart glasses

The company that created the popular online messaging service and photos, took up the issue of smart glasses, called Spectacles. At first the glasses will be sold for 129 dollars for a pair, then if things go uphill, the product price will rise. The beginning of sales points coincided with the change of name.

“It’s not just the Studio that created the popular app, and something more, — explained the head of the company Evan Spiegel, so we changed the name, selecting short and more concise version”.

The glasses can record ten second video clips with the built-in cameras, whose viewing angle is around 115 degrees – almost like the human eye. To capture a video, the owner will need to press the button, also located on the glasses.

The clip will work with rounded edges – a kind of imitation of how we see the world around us. Removing the video, the owner can immediately transfer the recording to your smartphone and then share it with your friends. Points will be available in three colors: black, turquoise and coral.

The developers claim that they have spent years building up points, which will help to improve the experience of communicating via Snapchat and will allow you to save interesting moments from the first person.

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