The computer first passed the test better than a man

The computer model of a neural network, created by experts of the Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group, for the first time has surpassed the person at passage of the test for comprehension of the read.

Apocalypse tomorrow: three scenarios of an early end of the world from outstanding scientists
This is Stanford’s questionnaire Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD), one of the most complex tests in the field of cognitive word processing.

SQuAD is an information array that includes more than one hundred thousand questions and answers pairs based on more than 500 articles from Wikipedia. A few days ago, the company’s program passed the test, gaining 82.44 points, which exceeds the maximum rate of people-participants – 82.304 points.

Representatives of the company’s Institute of Technology and Artificial Intelligence (iDST) called the result “a historic milestone.”

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