The concept of eco house, which provides a symbiosis of man and tree

Several million years have passed since our ancestors descended from the trees, however, it may be time to come back. The latest achievements in architecture allow building luxury homes from environmentally friendly materials. This time a new architectural concept, proposed by engineers from the University of Dundee, Scotland, is designed to make life on the tree even more convenient and practical by using natural cooling mechanisms of the tree to maintain the optimal temperature in the room.
The new concept is the brainchild of Anthony Leung, an engineering teacher at the University of Dundee. Leung wants to reduce the dependence of the construction industry on non-renewable building materials, such as concrete. The concept of an environmentally friendly house on the tree means building a house around a tree that will serve as a supporting column.

An ecohouse built around a tree / ©
To ensure a comfortable temperature in the room, the floors must be made of insulating wooden floors, and the outer walls – covered with climbing plants. These two factors will allow us to use the natural metabolic processes that take place in the tree and allow us to dissipate heat through the leaves, maintaining the optimum temperature in the house.
The canopy on the roof will act as a natural umbrella to protect the house from snow and hail. Rainwater can be collected by grass growing on the roof. This “green” roof can direct the collected water to a mini-treatment plant where it will be filtered and pumped into the house. To complete the symbiotic relationship between the tree and its inhabitants, any organic waste produced by the household can be collected, filtered and used to feed the tree.

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