The connection between eyebrows and narcissistic personality traits: what they can tell about you

Narcissistic personality traits can be recognized by the features of the eyebrows, say scientists from the University of Toronto. A study published in the Journal of Personality found that people with “special eyebrows” are more likely to exhibit the self-centered and selfish behavior characteristic of narcissists.

The word “narcissus” comes from the ancient Greek story of the young Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection in the water. People with narcissistic personality traits think highly of themselves and often make a good first impression. They appear cute and charming, but behind this is egocentrism and a grandiose self-image.

Researchers concluded the link between eyebrows and narcissistic traits by photographing 40 students with neutral facial expressions and asking other participants to determine each person’s level of narcissism based on their appearance. Initial results showed that participants were particularly good at using their eyebrows to assess narcissism. Eyebrow thickness and high hair density were identified as criteria for narcissism.

Next, the researchers examined how perceptions of narcissism changed when eyebrows were exchanged between faces. They found that narcissistic individuals who wore nonnarcissistic eyebrows were rated as less narcissistic, while nonnarcissistic individuals who wore narcissistic eyebrows were rated the opposite. This suggests that “distinctive eyebrows reveal a narcissist’s personality to others” and influence whether or not you are considered a narcissist.

Why exactly eyebrows might be associated with narcissistic traits is not explained by the researchers. However, they note that eyebrows are important for social functions and nonverbal communication. They can serve as a microcosm of a person’s broader appearance and personality.

Narcissists strive to be admired, so they pay special attention to their appearance. They prefer fashionable and stylish clothes, have a neat and organized appearance, and look attractive.

In addition, eyebrows play an important role in face recognition and mate selection. Well-groomed eyebrows show that their owner cares about his or her appearance and is aware of it.

A University of Toronto study provides a better understanding of narcissistic personality traits and their relationship to appearance. It also highlights the importance of eyebrows in non-verbal communication and first impressions.

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