The date of the beginning of the use of stone tools is questioned

The scientists examined the marks of crocodile traces left on the bones, and concluded that the date of the beginning of the use of stone tools by cavemen is incorrect. Most likely, the first people began to use tools much later than was thought in the last few decades.

Previously, scientists believed that the first stone tools Australopithecus afar took in hand about 3.4 million years ago. This was evidenced by the found bones with traces of stone axes and chisels. The experts carefully studied them and did not doubt the authenticity of the finds, since the fossils were discovered near the dwellings of ancient people. In addition, the tracks left on them do not look like scratches from the fangs of wild animals. Nevertheless, three scientists were able to refute this hypothesis and upset the scientific community.

Paleontologists from the United States again studied the found bones and in practice compared them to the traces left after the bite of the crocodile. Earlier it was thought that such marks had a U-shaped shape, and the stone left the V-shaped. Through practical research, researchers have been able to find multiple similarities between stone scratches and crocodile bite damage. In addition, the locality of Africa, where the discovery was originally made, was previously very marshy, so it was inhabited by many predatory animals.

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