The deer took the gun away from the Czech hunter

A resident of the Czech Republic who went on a hunt lost a carbine, which a deer stole from him. It was not possible to find the weapon and the kidnapper, although the police were involved, reports Ceske Noviny.

A funny incident took place last Friday in the vicinity of Cesky Krumlov. A dog running ahead scared the cloven-hoofed one in the forest, and he rushed straight at the hunters. He rushed past one of them, ripping open the sleeve of his jacket with his horn and hooking the strap of the gun hanging over his shoulder. With him, he hid in the forest thicket.

The search did not lead to anything, although another hunter met the “armed” animal about a kilometer from the place of the first meeting, but it immediately fled. The owner of the .22 caliber carbine was forced to go to the police with a statement about the loss of the weapon, which, fortunately, was not loaded.

A police spokesman for the South Bohemian Region admitted that such a case had occurred for the first time in his practice, since usually hunters lose their guns before leaving home: they put them on the roof of a car, and then they forget and drive off.

The hunting season in the Czech Republic lasts from August 1 to mid-January.

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