The dream was not always useful

You don’t go to bed with gloomy thoughts. It appears, it is more difficult to forget unpleasant memoirs if you fell asleep, thinking of them.

This opening can open new ways for treatment of such psychological frustration as post-traumatic frustration of a dream, and also supports the former theory that with a depression it is possible to fight against the help of a deprivation of a dream.

In the course a research 73 male students shall study 26 pictures, to each of which there was a picture on which was something disturbing is represented, like the mutilated body or a corpse. Next day they were asked to remember that was in pictures, but at the same time they shall try to forget unpleasant images actively.

Then showed to group 26 couples more of normal pictures and unpleasant drawings, but asked to forget about contents of terrible images already in half an hour. And at last, then students asked to describe each picture which was associated with all 52 pictures. It became clear that students forgot much more successfully those drawings of which it was talked in the second case, that is actually the dream fixed unpleasant images in memory, without allowing to forget about them.

Scanning of a brain showed that in attempts to banish unpleasant memoirs different departments of a brain worked for students before and after a dream. When they tried to execute this transaction 30 minutes later after viewing of pictures, the hippocampus — the main node of memory of a brain worked generally. And here after a dream the most different departments of a brain including participating in more advanced cogitative and abstract transactions worked already.

It implies that bad memoirs extended during sleep to several departments of a brain, but it also says that the deprivation of a dream can help with fight against unpleasant memoirs.

However, now it is necessary to find out as far as the dream, but not a bigger interval of time is guilty of such state of affairs. Also will be useful to learn whether there are some distinctions in zabyvaniye patterns when case concerns neutral or good memories.

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