The earliest reptiles were viviparous

The new finding, made in China, suggests that the viviparous animals appeared on Earth 50 million years earlier than was commonly believed, reports Eurekalert. Scientists from the University of Technology in Hefei found in the South-West of the country the remains of reptiles that lived 250 million years ago. Inside she had found the embryo. According to the researchers, the scientists were able to obtain clear evidence of the ability of live birth of the animal of the Triassic period. Previously, paleontologists believed that this group is related to archosaurian reptiles, lay eggs.

The animal fed on fish. It featured a long neck, which allowed her to easily catch prey. The embryo was in the area of the thorax of the animal, its skull facing forward with respect to the body of the mother. Animals usually swallow prey from the head, which facilitates the process of its passage in the throat. In addition, the researchers found that the embryo was the same species as reptile.

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