The Earth is a treasure trove of diamonds: Scientists have discovered huge deposits in its depths

Seismologists from the U.S. conducted a study that showed that there is a huge amount of diamonds in the Earth’s interior. They found an unusual phenomenon – acceleration of sound waves in some areas of the mantle without explanation. After careful analysis, the scientists came to the conclusion that these areas may contain from 1% to 2% of diamonds.

This discovery proves that diamond reserves on Earth are far from being exhausted. However, experts MIT note that it is almost impossible to get to these reserves, because they are too deep.

It is interesting that diamonds were known to mankind long before our era. The first finds were made in India, where they were used for jewelry and ritual purposes. Later, diamonds became a symbol of wealth and luxury.

Today, diamonds are used in jewelry and industrial production. They are one of the hardest materials on Earth and can withstand tremendous loads. In addition, diamonds are used in electronics, medicine, and other industries.

Although the reserves of diamonds on Earth are enormous, mining them is a difficult and expensive process. Most diamonds are mined in Africa, Russia, Australia, and Canada.

With this discovery, scientists hope that new technology and mining methods will allow them to access these reserves. However, the possible environmental consequences of such mining must be taken into account.

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