“The earth was divided”: the biblical story of the events immediately after the Flood

According to Genesis 10:25 and 1 Chronicles 1:19, it was in the time of Taleg, the great grandson of Shem, who accompanied Noah in the ark, that the earth was divided. Check out this very interesting map showing the division of the earth among Noah’s sons after the Flood. The land masses are labeled with the names of Noah’s descendants and numbered according to modern geographical names.

As time passes, the history of the Earth remains a mystery, full of secrets and undiscovered facts. One such mystery is the division of the Earth and the biblical truth surrounding this event. In this article, we will look at the unique evidence and arguments that indicate that the Earth was divided and times changed after the flood.

The division of the continents

1) The theory of continental drift

According to the continental drift theory proposed by Alfred Wegener in the early 20th century, the Earth is made up of plates that move with time. This movement of plates leads to the separation of continents and the formation of new geographic entities. Thus, the separation of the Earth can be explained by natural processes.

2) Evidence for the separation

There are several evidences that point to the separation of the Earth:

– Coastline similarity: The coastlines of some continents, such as Africa and South America, appear to fit together as if they were once united.
– Matching geologic structures: Some geologic structures, such as mountain ranges and plates, extend across different continents, indicating that they were previously united.
– Flora and fauna: Some plant and animal species that are found on different continents can be attributed to their prior unity.

Biblical Truth

1) Separation after the Flood

According to the biblical account of the flood, the earth was divided after this global natural disaster. This division was a punishment from God and resulted in the separation of languages and nations.

2) Mentions in sacred texts

The division of the Earth is also mentioned in various sacred texts such as the Bible and the Quran. These texts refer to the division of peoples and languages that occurred after the flood.

New evidence

1) The Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam

There are references to the lost continent of Kumari Kandam, which, according to legends, was divided into several parts. This is considered as proof of the division of the Earth and confirms the biblical truth.

2) Archaeological findings

Archaeological findings, such as ancient cities and structures that are on different continents but have similarities in architecture and style, also point to a possible prior unification of these places.

“The division of the Earth after the Flood is one of the most interesting and mysterious topics in history. These days we have a growing body of evidence that indicates that this event actually occurred. The theory of continental drift, references in sacred texts, archaeological findings and legends of the lost continent of Kumari Kandam all support the possibility of the Earth splitting after the Flood and changing times.

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