The eyes are really a mirror of the soul

Anyone who has experienced someone’s outbursts of anger or a manifestation of a romantic overture knows that the eyes can be very expressive.

According to the study of Adam Anderson of Cornell University, the eyes as a mirror of the soul perfectly express our feelings. In addition to the eyes, an important role is played by the position of the eyebrows, the arrangement of wrinkles near the eyes, and also on the bridge of the nose.

A new study has shown that wide-open eyes are associated with emotions such as fear and awe, and screwed-up eyes mean feelings such as disgust and suspicion. The constriction of the eye concentrates our vision, blocking the light and giving us the opportunity to pay closer attention, while the open eyes expand our field of vision.

We interpret human emotions by analyzing the expression of his eyes – a process that began as a universal response to the environment and the social environment around us, and developed to better convey our deep emotions, according to this study. In addition, an article published in the journal Psychological Science included research materials from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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