The first handheld “railgun” is created

The world’s first commercially available portable railgun is already available for pre-order. According to the company selling the first portable electric gun of its kind, the muzzle velocity and projectile power are comparable to many .22 caliber rifles.


The U.S. Navy is known to have spent billions on developing and testing rail guns, but eventually abandoned them because of a number of technical problems. Mainly because such weapons are usually cumbersome and suffer from heat dissipation problems.

In addition, a rail cannon created by the Nazis during World War II is also known, but that early design also proved to be an “epic problem.”

Given the history of technical problems, the idea of a portable version of this type of weapon seemed more like something out of the realm of science fiction than real science. Until now.

The world’s first handheld railgun

“The Arcflash Labs GR-1 ‘Anvil’ is a semi-automatic high-voltage Gauss rifle,” reads the website of the company that sells the one-of-a-kind weapon. “It is the most powerful rifle ever sold to civilians.”

How powerful, you ask?

“The GR-1 is capable of accelerating any ferromagnetic projectile (less than 1/2″ in diameter) to 200+ pounds per second and delivering up to 75 foot-pounds of muzzle energy,” claims the manufacturer. According to a post on The Brighter Side’s website, this projectile energy is “similar to the muzzle energy of some .22 caliber rifles.”

The company’s website also claims that the GR-1 can fire 20 rounds per minute in semi-automatic mode. Alternatively, the rifle can shoot 100 rounds per minute if the power is halved. This option, the company notes, could be attractive to military, law enforcement and other security organizations looking for a non-lethal alternative not currently available.

The website selling this space-age weapon notes that the lead time is six months, giving impulsive buyers a chance to change their minds before the thing arrives at their door. However, as representatives from the company that created the new electric-powered rifle point out, the legitimate market for the company is non-lethal options for law enforcement, security forces and even the military.

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