The first in the world robot policeman started working in the police of Dubai

A robot patrol named Robocop received a police badge and was officially enlisted in the Dubai police. In his first working day, the robot took the job in the corridors of the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference. There he patrols the corridors and takes pictures with visitors with pleasure. After the event is over, he will work on the street and will help his colleagues from the flesh and blood to keep order.

The growth of the humanoid robot is about 170 centimeters, and it weighs almost one hundred kilograms. Robocop is oriented on the terrain with the help of a GPS-navigator, is able to recognize facial expressions, gestures and can search for suspects by photo identification or photography. He can communicate in six languages, including good English and Arabic.

But the police work is not only to catch the criminals, so Robocop can perform other tasks. For example, through it you can easily and quickly pay a fine, which a person was discharged earlier.

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