The future of childbirth: artificial insemination and avoiding sex

In 2050, children may be born through artificial insemination, and sex in people’s lives will remain only as an activity for pleasure and without consequences. Such a prediction was made by the famous American scientist Carl Djerassi. He predicted that the development of science and changes in society’s values will lead to the fact that sex for reproduction will no longer be necessary.

Today, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is used only in cases where couples have medical contraindications to conceiving naturally. However, according to Prof. Djerassi, IVF will become a common procedure by 2050. Young women and men will freeze their eggs and sperm and then undergo sterilization. This will allow them to not worry about the time to conceive and focus on other aspects of life, such as careers. Sex will remain only for pleasure and not for having children, which in turn will lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Carl Djerassi became the famous inventor of oral contraceptives. In 1951, he developed the first prototype of such drugs. Together with his colleagues, he discovered progestin, which was more effective than the natural hormone progesterone. Progestin works even when taken orally and helps prevent pregnancy by making the body think that a pregnancy has already occurred.

The new drug was originally developed to treat neurological disorders and help infertile women. However, it has become a new word in contraception and has been widely used around the world.

The future of humanity’s reproductive journey

Prof. Djerassi’s prediction about the future of humanity’s reproductive journey is not science fiction. For developed countries, this scenario looks quite realistic. However, in third world countries and in places where religion has a strong influence on people’s lives, this transition to artificial insemination and sterilization will not be so easy.

Experts are divided on this topic. Some believe that artificial insemination and the rejection of sex for reproductive purposes is a natural development of society and science. Others fear that such a scenario could lead to the loss of the natural bond between male and female halves and the loss of some aspects of human life related to sexuality and reproduction.

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