The giant vortex on Jupiter from Juno

Station Juno (Jupiter Polar Orbiter) made the Small red spots — the third largest of the large vortex on Jupiter. Photo available on the NASA website.

Photo taken 11 December 2016 station Juno from a distance of 16,6 thousand kilometers from Jupiter. It Small red spot located at the bottom left. This vortex is an anticyclone, resulting from the rotation of the gas flow around the Central region of high atmospheric pressure.

In the Northern hemisphere such storms rotate clockwise, and in the South against it. The little red spot is the third largest vortex, which scientists for the last 23 years of observations is recorded on Jupiter.

The objectives of the Juno mission is the study of clouds and polar auroras of Jupiter. With the help of the station, scientists hope to learn more about the origin of the planets, structure and physical properties of its atmosphere and magnetosphere. Mission Juno should be completed in February 2018, the flooding of the station in the gas giant’s atmosphere.

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