The government of India banned the experiment to revive dead people

The company BioQuark has planned an experiment to revive a person in a state of clinical death. Indian authorities banned its performance in the territory of the country.

It should be noted that in the spring of 2016 in the USA, regulatory authorities gave the company BioQuark the first in the history of medicine authorization to experiments on the revival. The experiment consisted of attempts to restore the function of the brain using a synthetic protein, stem cells, and laser and electrical stimulation of the median nerve.

Interestingly, although the US authorities have given permission for conducting controversial experiments, but allowed them to spend in the U.S., and in India in hospital in Rudrapur, where the company wanted to recruit 20 volunteers in the state of clinical death, whose family agreed to donate the bodies of the dead for the experiment to revive.

In a state of clinical death the human body still lives, if supported by artificial respiration and output of waste, but the brain is not functioning. The person in this state in medicine recognize the dead as yourself exist, it can not.

Using his method, doctors from the company wanted to restart the brain dead. The ban did not allow the experiment under the code name ReAnima and company need to find another country that will agree to conduct a controversial experiment.

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