The Grail was discovered in Russia

The Grail or a gift of extraterrestrials is found in Russia. The Grail (or the Holy Chalice) – this evangelical relic is associated in our minds as something mythological, unreal, fantastic. About the Grail it is said and written so much that only the enumeration of the works would occupy a good hundred pages.

About him wrote the famous Russian traveler, painter, poet Nikolai Roerich, medieval piet (poet) Chrétien de Troyes, the author of the now forgotten poem “Perceval, or the Tale of the Grail”, another tireless medieval poet and wanderer Wolfram von Eschenbach most fully worked on the theme evangelical relics, devoting to it 24,810 poetic lines. Over his main poem “Partzil” he worked from 1195 to 1216.

The grail in the Western European tradition and medieval legends is a mysterious vessel, for the sake of approaching and gaining its knights commit their great exploits. The grail is a cup with the blood of Jesus Christ, which was gathered by his secret disciple Joseph of Arimathea, who took down the body of the crucified Jesus. The grail serves Christ and the apostles during the secret supper. In other, later versions, the Grail is a silver saucer.

But the life of each of the people involved in the search for the evangelical relics is an excellent material for writing the most exciting adventure novels. It is only necessary to reinforce sometimes improbable stories with documentary evidence, and the history of the Grail will sparkle with new and original faces.

So in our time, the time of information technology, it’s time to remember this medieval legend, as in the city of Krasnodar found a similar cup, having drunk from which, the patient acquires health. The owner of the relic, the former officer Igor Podukhevich, is a rational man, never fond of mysticism, did not believe in the supernatural. If he calls this “thing” an object of extraterrestrial origin, then, in his worldview, something turned upside down.

If we use the word “extraterrestrial”, then in an ironic way – as a synonym for the incomprehensible. Preliminary phoning with him on the phone Armavir local branch of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) goes to visit him to deal with this whole story on the spot.

The cup of life, the healing cup, the gift of aliens – this is also the name of the vessel that is owned by the Krasnodar pensioner Igor Ivanovich Podukhevich. What is this artifact? Is it really of extraterrestrial origin, as some scholars claim? And is it true that the water, cuddling out of this cup, heals from all diseases?

We sit in a cozy house, we twirl in our hands a strange thing. In appearance – wine glass. True, somewhat unusual: opaque, ashy color, with metallic reflection, the wall is twice or three times as thick as usual, the foot is too massive, the profile of the glass is uneven – with some ring tides. For all odd shapes and material, the goblet is extraordinarily beautiful. For household items this unjustifiably complex and very much whimsical.
The Cup was seen by many – small, 136 millimeters in height. The maximum diameter is 63 millimeters, the wall thickness is 4 millimeters. Capacity – about 75 milliliters. The color is more gray than silver. Overflowing in the sun.

On the outer surface is visible a pattern resembling a pattern on a frosted glass. Some people in this pattern spot the outline of a human face, an alien and even a ghost (ghost).

-Igor Ivanovich, please tell us how you got this artifact?

I received the cup in 2004 from the hands of great-grandfather Kirill Kabanov, a nuclear physicist. Before his arrival in Krasnodar he lived in Armavir for a long time. In the 1960s, he participated in a secret expedition to the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. Visited where the so-called Tunguska meteorite exploded in 1908, knocking down a forest in an area of ​​several thousand square kilometers. Either a small comet crashed into the Earth, or an asteroid. And according to the hypothesis of the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev, an alien spacecraft with a nuclear power plant crashed in the taiga. Allegedly it was her traces that the expedition was looking for, in which my ancestor participated as a nuclear physicist. Before his death, his great-grandfather hinted that the goblet was directly related to those places and events. Specifically, where and how was found, did not specify. But, passing the artifact, he raised his eyes meaningfully and said: “There is no such thing on the Earth, it’s from there.” My great-grandfather lived 102 years. He always drank water from his cup.

-How did you react to such an ancestor’s gift?

I myself, perhaps, would not have remembered the gift of my great-grandfather, but I made a personal grief. In January 2006, my 16-year-old daughter Ilona was in a car accident. Doctors gave her the most disappointing diagnoses: rupture of the pancreas, intra-abdominal hemorrhage, closed fracture of the clavicle with displacement, fracture of the lobes and sciatic bones of the pelvis. After several operations, the doctors predicted: at best, the girl will stand on crutches. And then not earlier than in six months. In short – will remain for life disabled. My daughter was discharged at the beginning of February, and at the end of March we were supposed to come for an examination. And then I decided that in this situation all means are good. He began to insist in the cup for several hours water, broths, as his great-grandfather advised, and give Ilona. And already in the beginning of March my girl went! When I came with her to the hospital, the doctors did not believe their eyes. The bones had grown together, the internal organs were in such a state, as if there had not been that accident. But only two months passed. Doctors could not explain anything, just put their hands up!

-And do you give water to other people in your “magic” cup?

Of course. Those who drink from the cup, are cured of various diseases. Get rid of gallstones, hemorrhoids, heartburn, diabetes, headaches, hypertension, severe and mild injuries, gout, obesity, impotence and prostatitis. Someone who tasted water from the bowl stopped heart ache, someone read without glasses, although yesterday he did not see further than his nose, someone had a terrible cough as a hand removed, a 60-year-old man escaped surgery, and a woman , which was scalded with boiling water to the bones, anointed the burn with magic water, and it all began to heal.

Miracles, and only! And you did not give your “mysterious” cup for examination to various scientific institutions? Was your cup in the hands of scientists?

I went to several scientific institutions and got amazing results. The cup consists of silicon of extraterrestrial origin, echoes the conclusion issued at the Kuban State University (KSU). To such a fantastic conclusion of the Kuban scientists pushed the results of the experiment.

Allegedly, after the water stood for 20 hours in the cup, the molybdenum content in it for some mysterious reasons increased by 40 times, copper by 25 times, zirconium by 10. And silver, on the contrary, became less than 100 times. After thorough material analysis conducted in several scientific laboratories, the researchers came to an undeniable conclusion: under terrestrial conditions neither such chemical composition of the alloy nor similar technology is possible. Here is also the protocol for the investigation of the Saratov Forensic Laboratory: the main material of the alloy (over 90%) is pure silicon, the main impurity (more than 5%) is nickel, except for it – potassium, nickel, iron, osmium, neodymium, selenium, bromine, phosphorus , cobalt.

X-ray spectral microanalysis done at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, up to tenths of a percent, confirms Saratov. Also Victor Panyushkin, Professor of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Kuban State University, assured me as a specialist that in terrestrial conditions such a ratio of components in the alloy does not occur. And the presence in the product of an osmium almost certainly means: this object from space.

-How do you think, who could make this “wine glass”?

No less surprising is the analysis of the technology of making a “wine glass”. Turning is excluded: under the magnifying glass you can see that the smallest incisions are not spiral (this would be the trace from the cutter), but the ring ones. And practically pure silicon does not lend itself to turning. Maybe it’s a grown crystal? But why in the form of a glass? Let’s say it’s casting – but there must be traces of form, but they do not exist. In addition, the melting temperature of the alloy is determined at 1840 degrees. Above – of all the found components – only in osmium. Hence, and not casting. What then? In science, it is not customary to talk about the extraterrestrial origin of an incomprehensible substance. And such conclusions in the protocols do not fit. But, strangely enough, it is common sense, – Professor V. Panyushkin insists, – suggests the only possible solution: it is a product of space technology.

-Did you notice any other strange things in your “wine glass” or not?

There are other paradoxes. I heat the water in the “fougère” in a water bath. So, the water outside the product is heated, as it should be at boiling, to 100 degrees. And the water temperature inside the “wine glass”, no matter how gray, never rises above 82 degrees. Physicists have no explanation for this phenomenon. But the domestic living creatures with passion lacquer water from the “wine glass” and runs after the owner, begging for more. Flowers, which are deliberately not watered for a long time, begin to bloom on this magical water in defiance of the calendar.

-Do you agree with the conclusions of science on your “wine glass” or not?

It’s a pity, our science, panicking with fears of conclusions that go beyond habitual representations, shies away from such objects as from plague. All researches of the “glass” and the water heated in it, conducted in different cities, are done on the sly, on a friendly basis. And although the conclusions of all those who come into contact with a strange product coincide in principle – in front of us is a product of an extraterrestrial, more developed civilization, it is unlikely that among prominent scientists today there is someone who, having summarized the conducted studies, will take the liberty to loudly state this. Because such a statement is revolutionary, and revolutions in science are not conducted every hundred years.

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