The huge crack on an ice shelf Larsen C continues to grow

The scientific missions of NASA “Ice Bridge” have made a picture of the Antarctic ice shelf with a crack width about the football field. The Gargantyuansky break is on Larsen With — an ice shelf on Antarctic Peninsula. Scientists last time watched a crack on November 10 and have found out that its length — 113 km, width — 482 km, and depth — 1,6 km.

According to NASA, ice shelf — parts of ice streams and glaciers which float and support hummocky ice. When shelf ice collapses, ice directs to the ocean because of what sea level rises.

The crack in Larsen’s glacier With has cut through an ice shelf, but didn’t cut it across. When it occurs, the iceberg of the size of the American State of Delaware is formed.

The crack rather new also has begun to grow only this year. The Antarctic research organization from Great Britain “the Project Midas” monitors growth of a crack since 2014. When the iceberg breaks away, it will take away with itself(himself) 9–12% of the area of a glacier that Larsen C will lead to final fracture of a glacier.

Larsen With, the glacial shelf, the fourth by the size, adjoins to Larsen B which has collapsed in 2002 because of a similar crack.

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