The human potential allows us to live up to 500 years

Biological potential allows to reach the age of 500 years. This was stated by the President of the venture capital investment arm of Google – Google Ventures bill Maris.

“I believe that breakthrough advances in medicine and the development of biomechanics will enable the person to reach the age of 500 years,” said Maris.

He said that now Google invests in startup companies that are engaged in research in the field of genetics and diagnosis of diseases, including cancer. “We have tools in the study of life, which allow implementing the most ambitious plans”, – he stressed.

Bill Maris studied neuroscience at the American Duke University. In recent years, he is working on projects to extend human lifespan. The current approach of Google is that modern man is capable of through proper way of life to reach the age of 120 years. But then he will need the assistance of a new generation of machines in order to prolong almost indefinitely the life.

Held last year in new York, the international Congress “Global future 2045”, renowned American futurist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil said that in 30 years the humanity will learn to provide practically unlimited life due to the creation of compatible with the human body of new biological machines.

According to Kurzweil, the development of computer technology and neuroscience will forever keep the brain of the individual. The progress in other fields of medicine will be able to change in the body “obsolete part”.

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