“The impossible engine” works, have confirmed in NASA

Documents of NASA Eagleworks laboratory confirm that the impossible EmDrive engine really exists and shows working capacity. The principle of functioning of installation can’t be explained from the point of view of classical conservation laws.

Checked and rechecked

As a part of EmDrive – the magnetron which generates microwaves, and the resonator which accumulates energy of their fluctuations. The aggregate which new version was patented recently by developers can develop draft at the level of 1,2 millinyyuton on kilowatt, working in vacuum.

Feature of EmDrive – that it works without fuel. It reduces the mass of the aggregate and partly compensates its capacity.

NASA counted that flight to Mars with the EmDrive engine would take ten weeks

In documents of NASA Eagleworks laboratory it is said that results of the first testing of the EmDrive engine were wrong. In them specialists didn’t consider influence of outer effects. During repeated tests errors in measurements were corrected therefore results are reliable.

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