The intelligence of the child can be determined before birth

Genomic Prediction has developed genetic screening tests that can predict the risk of certain diseases or dementia in future children.

So far these tests have not yet been used, but the company began negotiations with several artificial insemination clinics last month to use such screening at the request of clients.

In matters of intelligence, Genomic Prediction will offer future parents a test of the possible dementia of future children. However, a similar approach can be used to select embryos with potentially higher IQ.

For many years it has been possible to do simple genetic tests in vitro fertilization. So you can identify embryos with cystic fibrosis or Down syndrome. But such indicators as the level of intelligence depend on the action of a huge number of genes.

Genomic Prediction is the first company to provide polygenetic risk assessments for embryos, not adults. The company is promoting its tests as a screening method to detect certain medical conditions. Of course, they are not accurate enough to predict IQ for each embryo, but they can indicate which of them will deviate from the norm, that is, have IQ 25 points below the average level.

Of course, these same tests can be used to identify embryos with an IQ above average. Also, such tests can detect the risk of heart disease, breast cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease.

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