The inventor made an ultrasonic cane for blind people

The engineer from the Manchester university Vasileos Tsormpatsodis improved a cane for blind people, having supplied it with an electronic stuffing. It allows to reveal obstacles without concerning them. The cane functions the same as the parking radar.

In its tip inexpensive ultrasonic sensors and the computer are built in. The nozzle for a cane was created by means of the 3D printer.

The cane under the name mySmartCane makes sounds if ahead of it there is some object. On the frequency of sound waves it is possible to judge distance to an obstacle.

The person can hear the signals generated by a cane, using one earphone or stereoearphones of bone conduction. The cane with an ultrasonic tip allows to find even such the objects, difficult for a routine cane, as index columns.

In the future the inventor plans to release a cane which will vibrate at detection of obstacles.

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