The Japanese discovered in the ocean huge reserves of industrial metals

Scientists from Tokyo University have managed to find a huge Deposit of cobalt, manganese and some rare earth metals of the group at the bottom of the Pacific ocean near the island of Minamitorishima.

Detected metals are at a depth of 5.5 thousand meters in the composition of nodules (mineral formations of a spherical shape. During the dive, the Japanese scientists saw that the ocean floor is literally covered with ferromanganese nodules of black-brown color, up to 10 cm in diameter. The analysis showed the presence of cobalt, manganese and some rare earth metals.

Earlier off the coast of the island of Kyushu was found a similar “pantry”, covering 44 square kilometres. However, this time the bottom of the reservoir, located two thousand miles from Tokyo, have a much more impressive volume. According to scientists, this amount of cobalt Japan will last for 16 centuries.

These metals are needed for the production of batteries modern electric cars and other auto parts. Now the Japanese company buying them abroad, so the discovery is of great importance for the country. Its successful development may allow Japan to move from import to own production of industrial natural resources. First and foremost, the technology required to lift nodules from the bottom.

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