The Kingfisher: a beauty among birds

The kingfisher is a small but very bright and beautiful bird that in some countries is considered a symbol of wealth. Its size is slightly larger than a sparrow, and its body temperature is so low that if you take a kingfisher in your hands, it will be cold. It belongs to the class of birds, the order of the rakshaped, the type of chordates and the animal kingdom. The kingfisher is 15-20 cm in size (wings 7-8 cm) and weighs 25-45 g.

Where does the kingfisher live?

There are several species of kingfishers, and the habitat of these birds is quite extensive. These birds can be found in central Eurasia, northern Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. The bird is a migrant. From temperate zone of Eurasia birds migrate to northern Africa and southern Asia for the winter. They settle near clean water bodies with steep banks.

What does the kingfisher eat?

The main food of kingfishers is small fish, crustaceans, water insects, dragonfly larvae, and small frogs.

Lifestyle of the kingfisher

Kingfishers are monogamous birds. An interesting fact is that the pair lives together only when they breed, and then each on their own. In the spring, the pair meets again at their nest and continues to engage in the continuation of their lineage. The kingfishers live near water. They dig their nests in the ground on cliffs. They try to stay away from both humans and fellow creatures. The distance between nests can vary from 300 m to 1 km.

Breeding of kingfishers

The male kingfisher brings a gift of fish to his mate, if the female accepts this gift, a pair is created. The kingfishers are monogamous. The pair begins to dig a nest on cliffs, which can be up to 1 meter deep. The nest of kingfishers is characterized by a strong stench from other birds, as all the remains of fish remain in the nest. One clutch contains from 4 to 11 eggs. The egg pair takes turns incubating for about 3 weeks.

The chicks come into the world naked and blind. Their parents feed them with insect larvae and small fish. They grow up very fast. As early as a month, the chicks are able to fly and hunt on their own. Sometimes parents have time to make a second clutch. But only after the first chicks have become independent. These wonderful birds live about 15 years.

The kingfisher is not only a beautiful, but also a very interesting bird. Its life and behavior have been studied by scientists for many years. One interesting fact is that kingfishers can freeze during hibernation to conserve energy and survive in difficult conditions.

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