The largest accumulation of traces of dinosaurs found on the coast of Australia

Researchers of the ancient world are constantly in search of traces of extinct species in order to learn more about the history of our planet, the development and evolution of animal and plant species. And, naturally, the further we try to look into history, the more difficult it is to do, because time spares nothing. But recently, the press service of the University of Queensland, which in Australia, said that on the west coast of the country managed to find the largest cluster of dinosaur tracks in history.

According to the researchers, the find includes traces of 21 ancient lizards. Queensland scientists also say that the traces were found on the rocks on the Dampier Peninsula, and the age of the fossils is between 127 and 140 million years. Such a diversity of traces of ancient animals in one territory is first encountered. In addition, according to experts, this is the first area discovered in Australia, where traces of the life of the Cretaceous are preserved.

Photos from Australian excavations

The scientists conducted a census of all the traces found, having spent 5 years and more than 400 hours to document them. In total 48 points with footprints of dinosaurs were found. As the co-author of the article Steven Solcieri explained,

“We found 5 types of traces of predatory theropods, 6 types of traces of herbivorous sauropods, 4 types of traces of bipedal poultry dinosaurs and 6 types of traces of ankylosaurs. We also managed to find 1.7-meter footprints of herbivorous sauropods – one of the largest in the world at the moment. “

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