The main component of happiness is named

Happiness is directly dependent on the people you are communicating with, said Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist at Northwestern Illinois State University.

Studying the decision-making mechanism for more than 10 years, Moran Cerf came to the conclusion that a sense of happiness has nothing to do with the material situation, personal philosophy or human experience. The most important decision in life is directly related to your environment.

The statement of the neuroscientist is based on two positions. First, the decision-making process is extremely tiring for a person. There is a certain amount of mental energy that we can spend on the choice of this or that action: where to eat, what music to listen to, what to wear. Secondly, people mistakenly believe that their decisions can control the satisfaction of what is happening around. They think that happiness can be achieved with the help of right decisions.

In fact, people make this or that choice, focusing on irrational social attitudes, the neurobiologist asserts. The decisions of the person are extremely emotional and prejudiced. Therefore, it is very difficult to make the notorious “right” choice.

At the same time, the scientist discovered that the surrounding influence our interaction with reality. The brain waves of people spending a lot of time together are synchronized. They start using the same settings and think alike.

Therefore, a person needs to surround himself with people whose principles he shares and whose views are close to him. In this case, he can feel happier and reduce the level of stress.

So, instead of deciding where and what to eat, you just need to choose a companion who will choose what you like, concluded Cerf.

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