The most amazing videos about time and space

Einstein also linked the space and time. But we do not always represent the true scope of these concepts. Our video release will help you feel like a grain of sand in the ocean of the Universe and a nonentity in comparison with eternity.

Since the birth of the universe, more than 13 million years have passed, many of which were full of amazing events. Blogger Hasem Al-Gailey chose the most important and extended a few billion years in advance, collecting a very sticky 6-minute video about our long-time or vice versa.

If we talk about the future, the scientifically based forecasts for the coming centuries – until 2200 – are collected in the blog of the blogger Thugz4Real. The predictions were prepared as early as 2010, so some of them have already arrived, and some have even come true: the ISS is assembled and operated in orbit, the giant Chinese dam of the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Plant has started work, etc. The following will come true: From the complete disappearance of the Aral Sea to the stabilization of the population at the level of about 9 billion people – it will show the same time.

If you have not yet had time to feel like a grain of sand in a sea of ​​time, then we come from the other side and imagine ourselves a tiny particle in the infinite space of the universe. Moreover, the videos “compare the scale”, from the quark to the clusters of galaxies, are so popular that they can be called a separate genre of popular science videos. The more interesting it is to see what comparisons and demonstrations are chosen by the authors of new ones-for example, the recent work of videobloggers from RealLifeLore. From the Earth to the very edge of the cosmos.

Another fairly recent work in the genre “compare the scale” in itself is quite large. Almost 15 minutes dozens of objects of different sizes run from the Planckian sizes of superstring to giraffes and chimpanzees and the boundaries of the visible Universe. Impressive collection.

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