The most dangerous cities in the world are named for ecology

The most dangerous cities in the world are named for. The list of localities is presented by the project of the grid model of the carbon footprint in the world (GGMCF).

The collection of information for the ranking was done by Norwegian, Swedish, American and Japanese scientists.

The most polluting environment city recognized Seoul. The South Korean capital produces up to 267.1 megatons of carbon dioxide a year. It is followed by Guanzhou (272 megatons), New York (233.5 megatons), Hong Kong (208.5 megatons), and closes the top five “leaders” of Los Angeles from 196.4 megatons of carbon dioxide per year.

Also in the top ten were Shanghai (181 megatons), Singapore (161.1 megatons), Chicago (152.9 megatons), the agglomeration of Tokyo and Yokohama (132.8 megatons) and Riyadh (118.8 megatons).

In the top 100 most damaging ecology of cities, two Russian ones also fell: Moscow (15th) and St. Petersburg (79th), which produce 99.5 and 29.6 megatons of carbon dioxide per year, respectively.

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