The most mysterious geological formation in history

Mount Roraima is one of the greatest mysteries in our history. It is unique in that it has an unnatural shape, as if its upper part was cut off with a knife many millions of years ago.

Mount Roraima in Venezuela is the largest of its kind in South America. It is part of the Serra Pacaraima mountain range and was first discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1596. A British explorer wrote in his notebook that she looked out of this world.

A mountain without a top

It is believed to be the only mountain in the world that does not have a top; it is for this reason that people think that this is a man-made structure, and not the creation of Mother Earth. The flat top of the mountain has an area of ​​31 square kilometers. For comparison: New York’s surface area is 12 square kilometers.

The mountain is 2810 meters high and the surrounding waterfalls make it the most incredible geological and biogeographic feature in the world. The mountain itself looks like an ecological island that came from the sky.

Here you can find unique species of plants and animals. There are many areas of the mountain that have not yet been explored as they are difficult to access. To get on this monster, you need to either climb the Serra Pacaraima mountains, and from there walk to Roraima, or the easiest way is to use a helicopter.

Some people have managed to climb the mountain from the side of a steep slope, which seems almost impossible. Due to numerous attempts that ended in death, anyone who wants to conquer the mountain must first obtain permission from the local authorities. According to historical records, this mountain was first climbed in 1884 by Sir Everard Terne.

Mystery of the Mountain

It is believed to be the oldest rock formation in the history of the Earth. Geologists speculate that its shape was created by a huge earthquake that moved tectonic plates about two billion years ago.

Local tribes call the mountain “tepui”, which translates as “home of the gods.” There are many legends about the mountain. The Pemon and Kapon tribes believe that Roraima is the trunk of an ancient tree that once surrounded all the fruits and vegetables grown in the world today. When their lands were conquered by the Macunaim tribes, the tree was cut down, which resulted in a great flood. Some believe that the mountain’s unnatural shape is related to the tricks of aliens.

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