The most striking ways of communicating animals

Everyone knows that animals can communicate with each other, though not speak in the usual sense of the word. If there were translators with a dog or monkey, they had the set of several phrases, like “I’m scared!”, “I’ll kill you!” or “Give me food”. Well, maybe a couple more. In any case, animals don’t lie, don’t gossip and don’t argue.

So it seems…

Prairie dogs can detail you describe

Prairie dogs are little chatty creatures who live in underground “cities” with a population sometimes reaching to hundreds and thousands, and in some cases millions, of individuals. They communicate via loud barking and yelps.

If you ever happen to pass by these dogs and you hear something like that, then rest assured: they are discussing you.

The “language” of Prairie dogs is so complex that it has separate “words”, indicating not only an approaching predator, but also meaning it. That is, they have specific sounds, which are translated as “man is coming!”

Not only that — published by Prairie dogs are signals can be incorporated and information about what it is. In one experiment it became clear that published by Prairie dogs are signals vary depending on color shirts for man, high or low it is, how close and how quickly is moves.

That is, these small rodents from the squirrel family communicate at a more advanced level than dolphins and chimpanzees.

Professor Northern Arizona University Con Slobodchikov studied the behavior of Prairie dogs for 30 years and came to the conclusion that they are quite unable to pronounce their language the phrase, which translated would sound something like “we were running thin high type in the green shirt and he is near.”

Painted malur enters into a dialogue with the predator (to impress the female)

These beautiful birds with bright plumage in Australia like to hunt many more birds, but the greatest danger to them are flute bird.

These winged sadists love to impale her still live prey on the thorns of prickly plants — so they somehow taste better.

And what makes melur when meeting with such a terrible enemy? Hiding? Flees? Not at all!

When flute bird flies on the hunt, looking for something nice to make money, and gets their morning trills, male malur immediately responds and begins to sing along. And so cleverly adjusted that the Duo with a possible killer seems perfect — hard to believe that sing two totally different birds.

Why is it so populated? For the same reason that most males in nature does anything to impress a female. Such blatant arrogance and even against a terrible killer — evidence of self-confidence, and women are known to love the confidence and recklessness.

Scientists explain this phenomenon:

When a predator like the flute of a bird is nearby, the female painted malora hides and intensely listens to the sounds that emanate from danger. Their attention at this moment fully owns the terrible the flute of death. Here the males and try to take a moment to be in the center of their attention and flaunt their fearlessness.

The calculation, by the way, justified — females readily honor the brave men of its location. Of course, if they remain alive.

Caterpillars butterflies-the butterflies — the sweet deceivers

Caterpillar butterfly-Blues has a phenomenal ability — she is able to settle for someone else’s account, posing as someone else. Absolutely, it would seem that human tactics. How can some arthropod without a well developed brain to make such a Scam?

Here’s how:

On the body of the caterpillar, her head, is the tiny “lip”. When this creature bothers to earn their living, she begins to scrape this “lip” — the result is a “song” is very similar to the one that “sings” formic uterus. So similar, that the ants immediately drag the caterpillar to their nest, where it lives happily ever after until pupation and transformation into the butterfly.

All this time the ants feed it, protect from danger, carry, if you need to move to a new place, and pay a truly Royal honors.

She doesn’t even have to bother chewing — worker ants regurgitate already chewed and arched its useful enzymes food into the mouth of the caterpillar. But in the lean times, the ants feed the parasite even their own unborn brothers and sisters (also pre-perejival).

These Queens, however, the ants are either cast out or murdered — such is the power of evil spells fraudsters.

Peruvian singing muravlevka make a scene of jealousy

Peruvian muravlevka live couples on strictly delineated territory. When their territory accidentally flies any extraneous bird, they tighten harmonious duet to make it clear to the stranger that the place is busy, happy and friendly family.

It’s very touching, but only as long as the horizon appears a lone female muravlevka and begins to scurry back and forth as if unaware that the place is busy.

As soon as this happens, the male then changes his song to “the bachelor” trying to attract a new female. Well, neighborly.

Lawful wife, seeing that her marriage is bursting at the seams, begins to sing his blessed — but ritmichno and loud to drown out his lustful sounds.

The male, of course, also doesn’t give up easily and tries to sing even louder… and soon there is a real family scandal.

Gecko eating a meal

Like most of us, Madagascar geckos love when they are served a cooked meal. And they even found those who cook their favorite food — tiny green insects, called “humpback”.

These creatures penetrate the trees and drink the SAP. Then they digest the juice and secrete a sweet fluid, the so-called “pad”. For geckos, this is a favorite delicacy, and Gorbatko are always happy to accept the order. Here’s what happens:

Gecko approaches a insect and methodically begins to nod. Gorbatka first meets convulsive podergivaniah — say, “order is accepted, expect”, and then shoots a jet of translucent liquid into the mouth of a lizard. You yourself can enjoy:

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