The most unusual predator in the world

The ocean hides from people a lot of secrets. Even a small the mantis shrimp is so unique a being that can rightfully be in the ranks of the most unusual predators on Earth.

Mantis shrimp can break one stroke the shell of a snail, their impact on the victim is as fast and powerful as a shot bullet caliber .22. These creatures can hide in the sand, waiting, until there swims a fish. As soon as the poor creature come closer, cancer jumps on her, pierces her own feet, who are more like serrated blades, and drags the victim into the sand.

But in addition to the great hunting skills the mantis shrimp possesses a unique vision. In his eyes contains 6 pseudotriccus and 12 color receptors. Just compare this with our modest 2 pupil and only three color receptors. Thus, our vision is bipolar, and his hexapolar. But in addition, the mantis shrimp sees another polarization of light. Absolutely invisible to the human eye, it is nevertheless visible to many underwater animals.

But mantis distinguished here. They can see a special type of polarization called circular polarization. Using special plates on the legs they reflect the light so that the wave is changing, twisting. Scientists have found that some types of cancers-mantises use it to communicate with each other, for example, to attract females or just give a sign to others that the territory is occupied, thus avoiding fights for her.

Their eyes are so unique that only because of this they have a whole secret language that scientists are now trying to use for the recognition of cancer.

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