The mysterious Inca star chart: a key to understanding our origins

The Inca civilization, one of the most mysterious and majestic civilizations of the ancient world, has left us many mysteries and secrets. One of them is a golden star chart discovered by archaeologists during the excavation of an ancient temple near Cusco. This temple, known as the Golden Temple, was erected in honor of the Sun God, Inti. The Spanish conquistadors who conquered the land looted the temple, but a golden plate in the shape of a solar disk with a mysterious star map was carefully hidden.

Historical records indicate that the temple contained a great deal of gold and jewelry, which the Spaniards carried away with them. However, the golden disk with the star chart remained untouched. Many experts, astronomers and scientists have tried to decipher this map to understand its meaning and the secrets it holds.

According to Inca chronicles, the star map points the way to the home of the god Viracocha, the great father of the sun god Inti. Viracocha, according to historical records, came to Earth from the stars and brought with him various scientific knowledge. He taught the Incas how to build and cultivate the land, grow crops, and gave them grains of corn. This was incredibly important for the development of the Inca civilization and their success in agriculture.

The gold plate features images of various constellations, including the Southern Cross and the Milky Way. Also present are images of the gods associated with water and earth, Mamachocha and Pachamama. This star map becomes a key to understanding that we are not alone in the universe and that our planet has deep connections to the cosmos.

It is interesting to note that the golden disk has an image of a “comet” that some scientists speculate may be the planet of the gods Nibiru. According to the hypothesis, this planet is moving towards Earth and is part of an alien civilization. The historical records of the Sumerians also describe this planet as a giant spaceship that flies in an elongated orbit and comes close to our planet every 4,500 years.

We are now living in a time period where the arrival date of this alien craft is at hand. This raises many questions and debates among scientists and enthusiasts. What secrets and knowledge can this civilization bring with it? How will they affect our planet and the future of humanity?

Although the golden Inca star chart remains a mystery, it leads to many interesting thoughts and speculations. It reminds us that the universe is vast and full of mystery, and that we have not yet unlocked all its secrets.

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