The mysterious third eye: from mysticism to science

The mysterious organ of vision known as the “third eye” has long attracted the attention of people of different cultures and eras. According to Hindu belief, this organ allows you to see through time and material obstacles, have paranormal abilities and even destroy the world. Women in India decorate their foreheads with a dot symbolizing the third eye. With the emergence of Eastern beliefs in Western culture, many experts became interested in studying this mysterious organ of vision.

To date, there is an opinion that the third eye is a special mystical organ that all people have, but not everyone is able to “open” and use it. He gives the ability to see the past and the future, to possess telekinesis, telepathy and levitation. It is active in yogis, clairvoyants and psychics. There is also a version of the three-eyed aliens who came to Earth and left people this heritage.

It is interesting to note that some animals also have a third visual organ. In reptiles, there is a special hole in the skull designed for this organ, and in reptiles it is often covered by thin skin. Experiments with reptiles have shown that their additional eye is capable of picking up infra- and ultra-frequency sounds, as well as reacting to changes in magnetic fields.

Indian yogis who have the ability to harness the power of the third eye have the name “trikala jna”, which means “knowing the three times”. The opening of this organ is promoted by spiritual practices, but not all yogis are successful. There are four levels of development of the third eye, and the fourth is available only to the chosen ones.

Sometimes people have a third eye present from birth, as in the case of Amy Hanson, who does have an extra organ of vision on the back of her head. However, this may be a natural anomaly due to the presence of a parasitic twin. Some experts suggest that the third eye was previously present in all humans, but over time transformed into the epiphysis, the pineal gland.

So, the mysterious third eye continues to stir the minds of people. Many researchers and scientists seek to unlock its secrets and understand its role in human life. Perhaps in the future we will be able to fully realize and use the potential of this mysterious organ of vision.

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