The mystery of ancient sculpture: “Tobolsk Thinker”

The oldest sculpture in Asia, known as the “Tobolsk Thinker”, continues to attract attention and generate interest among scientists and ufologists. The figure, discovered in 1977 on a riverbank near Kostanai, is a unique artifact carved out of sandstone some nine thousand years ago.

The oldest sculpture in Asia – “Tobolsk Thinker” – has a magical halo and literally attracts people to itself. Ufologists believe that this figure may not have been created by a human being at all.

The unique sculpture was discovered in 1977 on the bank of the river near Kostanai by a local tractor driver. Scientists have determined that the figure was carved out of sandstone about nine thousand years ago. For a long time, the sculpture was kept in the Kostanai Museum of Local Lore, and then it was sent to Astana.

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