The mystery of China’s iron pipes: evidence of an ancient civilization

Amazing archaeological discoveries have always attracted the attention of scientists and researchers. They reveal to us the mysteries of ancient civilizations, leaving many unanswered questions. One of such mysterious discoveries was made by Chinese archaeologists in 2002 in the province of Tsung-Hai. The expedition traveled to the northwest of the country to study a strange find made by nomadic shepherds in Mount Baigongshan.

In Baigongshan Mountain, the scientists discovered three entrances inside. Two of them had long ago collapsed, and the third led into a shallow cave. The entrance to the cave was two meters above the ground, and the walls of the cave were very smooth, as if specially polished. The locals believed that Baigongshan Mountain was the remains of a structure created by an unknown ancient civilization. And this opinion had its grounds.

At the far end of the cave, an iron pipe covered with rust protruded from the wall. Its diameter was 40 centimeters. Another pipe went underground, and only its upper part was visible in the floor of the cave. In total, archaeologists found 12 such pipes, arranged strictly vertically. It was a complex system of pipes, created millennia ago. But who and how was able to build such a structure without modern technology?

However, the interest in this mystery is not limited only to the cave in Baigongshan Mountain. In the vicinity of the rock, about 80 meters from the mountain, there is a salt lake Toson. Here, too, scientists found iron pipes sticking out of the rock and sandy soil. The diameter of these pipes was smaller – from 2 to 10 centimeters. But the most amazing thing is that none of these pipes are clogged from the inside, despite the sandy soil. This raises many questions and finds no explanation.

For a deeper investigation, scientists took several fragments of the mysterious pipes. Chemical analysis showed that the age of these iron pipes is more than 40 thousand years old. The material from which they are made contains about 30% iron oxide, a significant amount of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. But 8% of the composition of the pipes could not be identified.

These analysis results only confirm the improbability of this discovery. Iron pipes were created at a time when mankind did not yet possess such technology. They testify to the existence of an ancient civilization that used sophisticated engineering structures.

Many questions remain unanswered. How were these pipes created? What function were they intended to serve? The answers to these questions may remain a mystery forever.

Despite the fact that research continues, scientists cannot yet give a definitive answer to all these mysteries. However, they recognize that the iron pipes are evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization with a high level of technological development.

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