The mystery of extinct races of white giants: legends and archaeological findings

Majestic tales of an extinct race of white giants permeate the legends of various Indian tribes. Stories of them are passed down from generation to generation, telling of the power and splendor of these giants. The legends of the North American Choctaw, Comanche, and Peruvian Manta Indians describe a race of giants who inhabited vast territories and excelled in craftsmanship.

One Choctaw legend speaks of a race of giants who lived in the Tennessee territory. The Choctaw ancestors who came to the Mississippi from the west encountered these giants. They were of enormous stature and practiced cannibalism. However, the Choctaw did not allow this race to become a threat to them and destroyed the giants at the first opportunity.

The chief of the Comanche Indian tribe, Rolling Thunder, describes the splendor and power of the race of white giants that lived on the Great Plains. They surpassed any other nation in stature, wealth, and craftsmanship. However, when this race became proud and forgot about justice, they were destroyed by the Great Spirit. Only the mounds on the plateau remained, which can still be seen today.

The Navajo Indians also keep stories of giants in their legends. The majestic race of white giants had mining operations and enslaved smaller tribes. They built forts all over the Americas. However, the giants were destroyed or returned to the heavens.

Legends of the Manta Indians, passed down from ancient times, describe the arrival of the giants in boats made of reeds, the size of large ships. The height of these giants was so enormous that the average man could only reach their knees. They were majestic creatures, with shoulder-length hair and eyes like small plates. However, their immoral behavior disgusted the Indians, and Heaven decided to destroy this race of giants.

Although legends of giants have been around for centuries, archaeological findings only reinforce these stories. In 1912, miners discovered artifacts that indicated the existence of an extinct race of giants. However, once excavated, these finds were negligently handled and not up to modern standards. Proponents of the giant theory claim that scientists deliberately concealed the giants’ remains that were found.

The mystery of the extinct race of white giants continues to agitate the minds of researchers and lovers of mysticism. Legends, archaeological findings and scientific research create a puzzle that we cannot yet fully assemble. However, they leave in our memory traces of ancient times and the opportunity to imagine that the world was inhabited not only by us, but also by extinct races of giants.

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